We would like to welcome you to Copeland. From Duddon Bridge to Distington Copeland stretches along the west coast of Cumbria.

In Copeland we have it all, beautiful beaches, amazing mountains and fells, delicious eateries, castles, a huge selection of accommodation and so much to see and do.

However, the real Jewel in our area is the people, warm, sociable, helpful and welcoming to all. Many people come to visit and do not want to leave!

Our website is here to provide you with an online guide to each village and town, which would not normally get any publicity from the larger tourist websites.

We will give you information you will not find outside Copeland. Our local people are your guide, they will tell you what they love about the area they live in.

Local businesses have the opportunity to advertise their businesses and tell you about what they can provide and what is special about our area. Our blog has been created for locals and tourists to talk and give advice.

All the photographs and information on our website have been donated by the local people of Copeland and acts as a complete guide to welcome tourists to the area.

This is an exciting new venture, therefore you will see lots of changes within the next few months, so keep checking back to see new information.

If you would like us to help you tailor your holiday to your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We also have a fantastic Facebook page for lots more information, just log on and talk to the locals.

If you want to get away from your busy life, come to Copeland, its beautiful, tranquil and very friendly. We look forward to meeting you…

A time-lapse made from the views of Duddon Estuary

I was born in Whitehaven in 1964 and grew up in the area. Despite my work taking me to many different parts of the Country and requiring me to be away all week for many years I have never once been tempted for my home to be any where other than Copeland. It is a fantastic place to raise a family, it’s safe , there is a great quality of life and it is unique in terms of community, many of my friends have been friends for life and the vast majority of both my immediate and extended family have chose to stay here, for me there is simply nowhere else I’d rather be.
Mike Starkie
Mayor of Copeland

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This lovely poem about Copeland has been written by Slu Clarke:

There’s so much to see,
and so much to do,
full of its secrets,
and beautiful too,
be it gold sandy beaches,
or a church and its steeple,
from its cold wintry fell tops,
to the warm Copeland people,
harbours and fishermen,
folly’s and towers,
quaint little villages,
flooded with flowers,
we’d all love to see you,
be it a month or a day,
why not come and visit,
the “laal ratty” railway,
a miniature experience,
of a railway of steam,
ride on the tracks,
and be lost in a dream,
or if its your fancy,
of a day without hassle,
there’s the owls and the gardens,
at Muncaster castle,
cafes, and restaurants,
or an old country pub,
selling real ales,
and excellent grub,
England’s highest mountain,
smallest church, deepest lake,
we have so much to offer you,
make no mistake,
you can see the five kingdoms,
from the top of Black combe,
stay at a myriad of camp sites,
or a warm cozy room,
you can walk on the mountains,
and scramble their ridges,
stroll through the forests,
across old pack horse bridges,
visit the markets and country fairs too,
there’s so much on offer,
where you won’t have to queue,
if you’re lucky in winter,
on a clear frosty night,
you might see the aurora,
a wonderful sight,
so forget Barcelona,
who needs Paris, Madrid?
come visit us in Copeland,
you’ll be so glad you did!

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