Nethertown, Beckermet, Calder Bridge

Three small villages on Cumbria’s West Coast

Nethertown, Beckermet, Calder Bridge

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These three small villages have it all including beaches, community spirit, power and churches.


Nethertown is a small village on the coast of Copeland. The community is covered by the civil parish of “Lowside Quarter” and was created out of one of the old parochial townships of the parish of St Bees. The beach is very popular with locals and the coastal train route links along the cumbia coastline.


Braystones is a village on the coast of copeland, traditionally a scattered community based on agriculture, it has grown considerably during the 20th century by firstly, the construction of holiday cabins on the beach, and latterly by the creation of large caravan park.

Calder Bridge

Calder Bridge is a hamlet located between the villages of Gosforth and Beckermet. It is around 1 mile northeast from the Sellafield nuclear plant—Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station was the world’s first major nuclear power station when it opened in 1956.


Beckermet, is a village situated between Egremont and Seascale, St. John’s parish contains traces of two medieval castles, probably both residences of the church of St. John, in the center of the village, was rebuilt in 1878–79, but it too has fragments of ancient crosses, and many carved stone medieval coffin lids. The ruined monastery of Calder Abbey is also within St. Bridget’s civil parish. family, who were granted land in the area shortly after the Norman conquest of the area.


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