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A small village along the west banks of the river Irt

Holmrook & Santon Bridge

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Holmrook is a small village just off the A595 and along the west banks of the river Irt. 

Within the village is Holmrook Hall, once a large country house owned by a relative of Lewis Carroll and where the Author came to stay occasionally.

Santon Bridge is a small hamlet within Holmrook but host to many lovely eateries and public houses. There is a lovely cafe nestled in a delightful woodland setting, here you will be able to sample tasty homemade hot meals, snacks, cakes and pastries Next door is the Santon Gift Shop, on site since 1954 and selling quality leather and sheepskin goods. In addition to these goods one can buy charming gifts, children’s toys, outdoor clothing and ceramics to name but a few!

One of the pubs within Santon Bridge, The Bridge Inn, is actually the venue for the annual ‘Worlds Biggest Liar Competition’ where competitors from all around the world have 5 minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can! Politicians and Lawyers cannot enter as they are deemed to be ‘too skillful at telling porkies’.


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