Frizington, Rowrah, Arlecdon

Positioned near the beautiful Ennerdale Water

Frizington, Rowrah, Arlecdon

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Frizington was historically a collection of farms before it became a village as a result of the iron and coal mining opportunities in the area.

It is best known for its church, St Paul’s, built in 1867 to 1868. Frizington is also an ideal place to stay for the starting (or finishing) point for the Coast to Coast Cycle Race. The local public house, The Stork Inn, at the edge of the village even offers transport to and from the race. It is also very close to Ennerdale Water, the most westerly of the Lakes and being ½ to a mile wide and 2 ½ miles long. Perfect for a days walking.

A walk around Ennerdale Water will give the walker a sense of peace and tranquility unrivalled by all the other, more popular lakes. It also has the advantage of being both an ideal size for a full circuit (about 6.5 miles) or a track and forestry road which runs close to the shoreline for the entire way! Very easy to navigate and a clear path to follow.

Close to Frizington is Rowrah which is better known for its Kart Racing Track, one of the most technical and demanding tracks in the UK.

Linked to Rowrah is nearby Arlecdon a village developed in the 19th century with the demand for iron ore, coal and limestone. This area once being a maze of railways and mines. Standing on the site of an ancient church is St Michael’s. The earliest records here date back to the reign of King Henry 111. In 1903 to 1905 the church underwent major restoration work transforming it to what you see today.



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